Import Mechanic in Scottsdale, AZ

Anyone who has owned a high-performance import vehicle understands how much of a pleasure they are to drive, with a downside of how they need repairs, maintenance, and modifications to maintain peak performance efficiency. The technicians at Murtha Motorsports love cars and take pride in keeping yours on the road, operating better than you might expect.

Import Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

All cars are going to need repairs at some point. Maybe there was a traffic accident with another car, or perhaps the vehicle was bumped against a roadside or curb and received minor damage. Even though the car may still be drivable, repairs are needed as soon as possible. There may be safety concerns or there might be a performance issue which affects handling or gas mileage which the driver may not be aware of.

Nissan Gtr

Porsche Repair

Porsche vehicles are going to need repairs throughout their lifetime. Accidents may occur with another vehicle, and high-performance parts to wear out eventually and lose the tight tolerances with which they were designed to perform. At Murtha Motorsports, we are committed to making repairs properly, so you can get back on the road without further concerns.

Mercedes-Benz Repair

Mercedes-Benz is different from other vehicles in how they are designed for optimal performance and beauty. A Mercedes-Benz is simply too nice to continue driving after a parking lot fender bender or being damaged by road debris. At Murtha Motorsports, we know how to take care of your vehicle with repairs and make sure everything is working as well as or better than it did before the accident.

BMW Repair

A BMW is designed to be a high-performance car which looks great and suits your daily driving needs. When it needs repairs, it doesn’t make sense to pay generic prices for substandard work. Instead, bring it to Murtha Motorsports, so we can conduct the repairs right and at a fair price.

Import Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ

Maintenance is always a better option than waiting until a part fails completely and needs a repair. Postponing maintenance can result not only in worse damage to the immediate part which needed tuning or replacement, but can also harm the surrounding systems. Once a problem exists, it is only going to get worse, so it only makes sense to conduct preemptive maintenance instead of waiting until more expensive repairs are needed.

Super Car Import

Porsche Maintenance

The high-performance aspect of Porsche vehicles require tight tolerances and regular maintenance to keep those tolerances in line with your expectations. Bring your Porsche by Murtha Motorsports for routine scheduled maintenance or anytime its performance seems to be lacking so we can conduct the maintenance needed before the problem gets worse.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

Oil changes, filter replacement, and tire inspections are pretty standard for all vehicles, and the Mercedes-Benz is no exception. To assure the long life of the investment you’ve made in the vehicle, you’re going to want to have regular maintenance conducted as scheduled in the owner’s manual.

BMW Maintenance

You may have a higher expectation of BMW performance than that of lesser model cars, but it still needs routine maintenance and inspections in order to continue driving as well as you expect. Bring the vehicle by Murtha Motorsports for regular inspections and maintenance if you begin to suspect something isn’t working up to standard.

Import Performance Modifications in Scottsdale, AZ

High end imported vehicles are known for providing exceptional performance and handling straight off the lot in their stock design format. However, there are always upgrades which can be made. Whether you want to personalize the exterior of the car, get it to produce a few extra horsepower without causing damage to the internal systems, or increase the handling for better control in traffic or on the track, we’re here to help you by making authorized upgrades you can rest assured knowing they were done right.

Corvette Stingray

Porsche Performance Modifications

Porsche is known for making great cars for regular daily driving and award-winning race cars. Some modifications available to designated racing Porsche cars are street legal and provide optimized power and performance for the avid driver who expects only the best.

Mercedes-Benz Performance Modifications

Because they look and perform so great, Mercedes-Benz isn’t well known for offering many modifications and customization options. There are some available, though. Discuss with the technicians at Murtha Motorsports what you would like in terms of increased speed, power, or handling, and we’ll have a solution to suit your needs.

BMW Performance Modifications

There are plenty of ways to increase the performance of a BMW compared to how it drove off the lot. There are right and wrong ways to implicate such changes, so be sure to discuss your options with a qualified technician at Murtha Motorsports.

Do You Need the Help of a Qualified Import Mechanic in Scottsdale, AZ?

Whether your import vehicle needs repairs, maintenance, or modifications, we’re here to help. Our mechanics are trained in the nuances of import cars and understand what the expectations are of import owners. Give us a call today to see how we can help fill your needs.

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Import Mechanic FAQ’s

People new to the world of import ownership and lifelong owners tend to have a few questions about what is entailed by owning a high-performance import vehicle, and what we offer at Murtha Motorsports:

Do You Have Certified Import Technicians on Staff?

Yes, our technicians are fully trained and certified.

Can You Provide Routine Scheduled Maintenance?

Yes, actually, we prefer to conduct routine maintenance before a problem gets worse and causes the need for a more expensive repair.

Can You Install Performance Braking Systems?

We install stock braking systems as routine maintenance and improved upgraded brakes upon request.

Do You Work on Transmissions?

Our shop is fully equipped for any repairs your car might need, including transmission rebuilds and replacements.